Installation Guide

How to install Instafeed (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1 - Connect your Instagram Account

You can either connect manually by typing the Instagram profile username or by clicking the button 'Connect with Instagram' (top left corner). Login using your Instagram account and grant the required permissions.

  • On the paid plan if you are connecting your Instagram account with Facebook, choose the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account you want to use to display your feed (from the dropdown menu).

Step 2 - Install Instafeed on your Shopify Theme

It's simple to install Instafeed on your Shopify Theme.

First, you need to go to the Instafeed app and click 'Settings' Please make sure that the three checkboxes are selected so it will be displayed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Next, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customize then click on 'Theme settings'.

At the top click the 'App embeds' tab and toggle the Insafeed app so it's turned on.

Step 3 - Add Instafeed to your Homepage

Now we can add the Instafeed to your homepage.

First, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customize

Click to 'Add section' and under apps select the Instafeed app.

Finally, make sure you save your theme to publish the changes.

Can't see the app block? Here's the solution for legacy themes:

It's simple to install Instafeed on your Shopify Theme.

You need to add this HTML div in your theme where you want to the widget to appear:

for Instagram Feed

 <div id="instafeed-instagram-feed" data-type="FEEDS"></div>

for Instagram Stories

 <div id="instafeed-instagram-feed" data-type="STORY"></div>

for Instagram Highlights

 <div id="instafeed-instagram-feed" data-type="HIGHTLIGHTS"></div>

for Custom Hightlights

 <div id="instafeed-instagram-feed" data-type="CUSTOM"></div>

for Instagram Reels

 <div id="instafeed-instagram-feed" data-type="REELS"></div>

Next, you need to add this Javascript file anywhere in theme.liquid

 <script src=""></script>